The best thing about the Mayweather v McGregor circus

Mayweather v McGregor is this weekend. Who cares right? I certainly don’t. For the purists, this weekend is insignificant. The hype beasts, those people who jump on the bandwagon, are heavily invested.

For me, the greatest thing to come out of this matchup is the ode penned by Mick Konstantin and the accompanying tune from the Irishman’s ukulele. It’s catchy. Be warned, it will get stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

And the ballad has been so well received that there’s now even an official music video for it.

The catchy tune has also earned Konstantin a trip to Vegas with reports suggesting that his countryman McGregor was so impressed by this effort that he’s arranged an all-expenses paid trip for the big fight weekend.


I’ve been asked by a couple of people for my take on this fight so here’s my prediction.

Floyd is far too wily of an operator to have agreed to take this on if he wasn’t 100% sure that he’d win it. The big angle here is the payday. I highly doubt he’d want to have risked his legacy for this. McGregor will likely have a size advantage once they get into the ring but it’s whether or not he’ll be able to use it to his advantage.

Speed and his defensive mindset will be Mayweather’s biggest assets here in a fight that I termed a ‘sports marketer’s wet dream’ during an interview on 702 & Cape Talk a couple of weeks ago. It says volumes of the state of boxing that this fight was allowed to happen.

A multiple world champion against, effectively, a debutant. It’s all about the money. As it will be when Mayweather v McGregor begins on the weekend.

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Mayweather - McGregor

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