Pro golfer drops the F-bomb on live TV

Let’s be honest here, if you’re a golfer then chances are that you’ve been guilty of dropping an F-bomb or two on the course.

It’s totally understandable given that golf is one of the most frustrating sports on the face of the earth. When things go right it’s great. When they go wrong then a flurry of choice words, F-bomb included, usually follows a bad shot.

At the Honda Classic this year Irish golfer Shane Lowry was guilty of letting an F-bomb slip after coming up short on the par-three 15th at PGA National in the final round. It’s always reassuring to an amateur golfer when they see the guys plying their trade professionally making what we’d consider ‘rookie errors’.

In this case, Lowry was guilty of being a club short, he went with a seven iron, off the tee and his ball found the water. He reacted in a way you’d expect. And then when you consider that he was three over par at the time you understand why he admonished himself.

In the video below you can hear Lowry’s reaction as he realises his ball is about to get wet. I probably should warn you that this clip contains explicit language in case you hadn’t picked that up yet.

The best part of this whole thing? Lowry was unapologetic afterwards. And why should he be. Television networks should know by now that setting up a microphone within earshot of any sportsman, let alone a golfer, is risky business.

Pro golfer drops F-bomb on live TV

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