A venture into the deep South at Parreirinha

If you’re a first time visitor to this Johannesburg jewel you may well have your reservations given its location but once you arrive you’ll soon find out why a visit to Parreirinha is worth it.

You’d hardly call La Rochelle a fashionable neighbourhood and yet this little gem has managed to keep the visitors coming back through its doors time and time again. I suspect it may have something to do with the famous prawn rissoles. Or maybe the piri-piri chicken, or the prawn curry, or the katembas.

Ok so you see where I’m going with this. Every single dish that comes out of the kitchen at Parreirinha is worth considering. Seriously.

First impressions aside, this poky venue is a delight and definitely has a certain charm to it no matter where you’re seated. In the non-smoking section, as you walk in, the ceiling is adorned with ties. I’m not too sure about the story behind this interesting addition to the decor but I suspect it may have something to do with a good few business lunches held here. It adds to the charm.


As does the fact that this spot used to be a police station.


The bar also seems like a festive spot to sit and enjoy a drink. As mentioned earlier, the Katembas – an equal measure of red win and Coca-Cola served in beer mugs are quite popular. If there’s sport on then the bar is definitely the spot to be in as you argue among your mates about which football team rules the world.

The spicy prawn rissoles make the perfect starter alongside the fresh Portuguese rolls and chances are high that you’ll leave with a takeaway of these little delights. Realising the popularity of this morsel, Parreirinha has even now pre-packaged boxes of frozen rissoles for you to take home and prepare.


On my most recent visit I went with the Portuguese steak which is essentially the same as your typical steak, egg and chips. Adding a few splashes of Parreirinha’s own peri-peri sauce is a must on anything you eat here.

Portuguese steak. Add peri-peri sauce at your peril.

Will I return? Absolutely. It’s the perfect place to hang out if you want to round up a group of friends and have a lazy, boozy lunch to let off some steam.

Have you ventured into the heart of Joburg to give this place a try? What did you think?

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