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This is my slice of the internet. A place where Nick Gordon can share things that appeal to him. Hope you like it. Get in touch.

‘It’s Alive!’

So, 25 themes later and my website is finally up and running. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out.

For now there isn’t too much going on here and I haven’t exactly decided which route this online space will take but what I do know is that it’s mine. I’ll share some of my work from time to time as well as things that interest me.

I might blog about an issue that bothers me – because hey that’s what the interweb is for right? – or share funny videos and memes and totally stifle productivity levels.

If you enjoy reading the site then get in touch and let me know your thoughts via nick@nickgordon.co.za or stalk my social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram where I post under the @NickReporter handle.

As my bio reads: Sports writer. Columnist. Content creator. Coffee. Joburg boy. Fond of @ginamouse and Duke and Ophelia the fur kids ?. Partial to a round of golf. 

To see what my better half, my missus and my muse is getting up to you can click here


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