Bean there, done that at the Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2017

Coffee. A necessity when trying to survive the hours that involve being out of bed. Not a day goes by without it. And at the Coffee & Chocolate Expo at Montecasino there was an abundance of the stuff. Heaven for caffeine fiends.

Now it wasn’t really on the radar for the weekend, there was an assignment due on Monday,  until the kind folks at Zapper offered us tickets so I figured that procrastinating for a few hours on Saturday afternoon would be worthwhile.

Chocolate & Coffee Expo
Zapper, making spending money on life’s guilty pleasures a little easier

I’d heard of the mobile payment app before, my mother-in-law swears by it which is amazing when you consider how nervous she is with banking apps, and this was the chance to test it out.

We arrived at the Expo and had a quick run through of the various stalls to see what was on offer. We were seriously spoilt for choice. By the time we’d made it through the first section the Zapper app was already downloaded on my phone and my card scanned, safely thanks to the encryption of information, for details.

The way Zapper works is that each vendor has a unique QR code which you scan from within the app and payment is processed. An added bonus is that you get R25 off your first purchase. Another cool feature is that you’re able to see which restaurants and stores around you accept Zapper. Handy when there’s no ATM around. There are also a host of vouchers and offers uploaded regularly for you to take advantage of.

The Coffee & Chocolate Expo had plenty to offer those who enjoy the finer things in life. While it was mostly about the sweet caffeine nectar and decadence of cocoa there was a massive variety of food vendors, stalls selling condiments and the bars shopping all types of speciality gins and cocktails.

Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2017
Because there are few things in life as great as a good cappuccino.
Coffee & Chocolate Expo
Decadent delights. Everywhere you looked there was something to taste.

The Coffee & Chocolate Expo may have also introduced me to a new phenomenon with the idea of pairing cigars with a strong espresso. Will definitely be giving this a try.

Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2017
Cigars and coffee. A good mix 
Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2017
Sister-in-law waits patiently for a G&T

All in all it was a great day out. A special thanks to the Zapper team for the tickets and for making purchases on the day a breeze. Download the app here.

Coffee & Chocolate Expo 2017
Candy floss and vodka. A sweet combination with a kick.

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