Happy Gilmore, golf’s game changer

As far as sports movies go, Happy Gilmore is right up there with my favourites.

It was on this day, 20 years ago that the film starring Adam Sandler as the anti-hero was released and it proved to be a massive success not only in a financial sense in that it raked in $41-million but also in the fact that it earned cult status among golf fans.

Because hey, if Happy Gilmore –  a guy who could smash the ball for miles but couldn’t putt for his life – could do it why can’t we? Also, because Shooter McGavin, played by Christoper McDonald, was a prime specimen douche bag.

Happy Gilmore

As far as the storyline goes, Gilmore’s first love was hockey but his lack of talent kept him from following his dream. If he was frustrated by not being able to exceed at hockey the fact that he ended up with golf as his fall back option would have left many scratching their heads.

Because who the hell would choose to punish themselves further by trying to hit an even smaller object into an even farther away target.

But enough of the explanations already. I know by now most of you would have seen this movie several times. It just never gets old. So enjoy these clips below as we salute one of the greatest sporting movies ever made.

Happy Gilmore didn’t only endear plenty of people to take up one of the most frustrating – but greatest – sports on the planet but it also led scores of hackers and professionals alike trying to replicate the famous, er, swing of the man.

Even a couple of European Tours gave it a bash a couple of years ago

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