Lockdown Live: Add a vibe to quarantine

Are you longing for some live music? The chance to get back in the club after lockdown and throw some shapes seems to be a long way away. Here are some live sets to keep you entertained during quarantine.


This is the best lockdown live set I’ve watched so far. Hope the neighbours liked it too because they definitely got to hear it. This set highlighted just how good the man really is and includes all the favourites. Also, I will be finding a gig or festival where Elderbrook is playing and immediately buy tickets (we were meant to see him play at South West Four in 2018 but his performance dropped off the set list) when lockdown is lifted.

Defected Virtual Festival

This added some vibes to Good Friday. Defected Records came up with this gem of an idea and hosted a virtual festival with a lineup of DJs all set up and playing from wherever they’re currently locked down. I’ll put the whole video below but I’ll also add the sets by David Penn and Roger Sanchez as these were epic and deserve their own mention. Both were played loud while we chilled in the sun.

There’s a fundraising element to this one as well with over £1.6-million already raised for COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. You can donate by clicking here.

Pete Tong’s Lockdown Hot Mix

A legend of the house music scene, Pete Tong recorded himself putting together his Lockdown Hot Mix for his BBC Radio 1 show. Two things here. First off, that home studio setup is mad. Secondly, you’ve got to love the idea that this mix was recorded in full on lounge gear. Insert laughing emoji here. Enjoy this treat.

There’s a common thread among these five videos. They should all be enjoyed at a higher than usual volume and they’re also a way to lift the mood during lockdown. Have a dance around the lounge, garden, kitchen.

There are plenty of other Lockdown live treats on YouTube, feel free to share any in the comments below and I will check them out.

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