Life after lockdown: 10 things I’m looking forward to doing again

Lockdown. We’re now well and truly over it. At least our household is. But there are some things that are well and truly missed and I’m planning on ticking all of these things off as quickly as possible once things get back to ‘normal’ in life after lockdown. Who am I kidding? Things will probably never be normal again.

Going for coffee

It’s been great to see some of the independents who we always try and support start opening up again. But takeaways are just not the same. I want to be able to just say ‘should we go for a coffee’ and sit and chat and people watch as Saturday morning goes by. Favourite places for such activities include The Pantry and Cortado in Newmarket and over in Cambridge it’s got to be Modigliani and Black Cat Cafe.

Back to the beach

Now I know that we’re allowed to take a drive for this one but I’m just not enjoying the idea of joining the throng of people who flocked to Hunstanton over the May Bank Holiday weekend. I’ll wait it out a bit longer for this one. I want to catch rays, not corona.

A fresh fade

I miss the barber shop. A lot. Not much more to say here except that it will be nice to get a decent fade again as opposed to the bed head I currently have. The barber’s chair is also a great way to just chill out and have a bit of me time.

Life after lockdown barber
Mr Barber’s, Newmarket.

Get tatted up

It’s time for the next one. Life’s too short. I’ve seen some artists doing some cool stuff over the last few months, they’ll need the support to get going again too. Good excuse to support a small business.

Downing a drink

Summer days in the garden with your mates at your local pub. That’s living. Reckon we’re still some way off this one. Either that or it will have to be a very selective group of mates with restrictions likely. Looks like we’ve all had decent practice during lockdown so it might be a long night.

Day at the races

I’m so glad to have racing back from 1 June. I’ve missed it. It’s going to be great to watch it on the TV but there’s nothing like being at the racecourse. The flash of silks and the thunder of the hooves make it a spectacle.

Jockey John Egan returns after a race on Newmarket’s July Course. Summer 2019.

Getting the cricket whites out

The early part of the season had just begun to spring to life when all of this hit. A case of Friday Night Lights at indoor pre-season nets as the squad at Worlington Cricket Club had started to band together again. Football season beginning to tail off and the promise of weekend afternoon’s in the sunshine with the sound of leather on willow in the offing. That will have to wait.

Packing a suitcase

Gina and I had some grand travel plans this year. We were going to Dublin for Easter Weekend to see a cousin who is just settling in having moved there. Then it was off to Lisbon to drink wine, enjoy the views and gorge on pastel de nata. Gina has been before but wanted to show me the places her Portugese grandparents had told her stories about.

This video has us suffering FOMO and longing for a visit:

Going for Dinner

We’re spoilt with some seriously good places to eat around our neck of the woods and while we’ve tried to support with takeaways during lockdown it’s just not the same.

Let’s face it, we’re probably all very tired of eating our food inside the same four walls. On another note, I encourage you to support your local, and especially independent, eateries when life after lockdown gets going again.

Photo missions

It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced of taking the camera along for a day in London or Cambridge to shoot some street scenes. This one goes hand in hand with just deciding on the spur of the moment to take a drive or have a day out somewhere.

I’ve not taken too many photos during lockdown although there have been moments of inspiration when I’ve taken it out when walking the dogs to try and get some landscape shots. But I was just starting to collect some nice street photography images when all of this started. I miss the gritty scenes and graffitied walls.

Mill Road, Cambridge.

There you have it, my life after lockdown list of 10 things I can’t wait to do again when all this dies down and we can adjust to the ‘new normal’.


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