Jumping Jack Salmon, one of Durban’s best.

I’m not even going to beat around the bush. I’ll just go right ahead and say that Jack Salmon has to be considered as the top seafood restaurants in Durban.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to head to this neat little spot then I’ll regale you with the experience that we had there during our mini vacay recently. It started with a lazy morning on the couch and ended up with a suggestion to find a proper seafood haunt in Durban. Shot, TripAdvisor for this gem.

Thankfully we phoned ahead and booked. We’d barely received our drinks when the place started filling up and by the time we were ordering main meals there was already a waiting list of people who had just decided to arrive on the spur of the moment. Not that it mattered to us as we looked out over the Indian Ocean and sipped away.

Jack Salmon
Supporting the local craft beer brewers. Poison City Brew, describe themselves as ‘Durban’s kiffest beer’. I can agree with that.

Seeing as Jack Salmon seems like the kind of place you’d want to try a bunch of stuff we decided to do just that. And we were on holiday so we could take as much time as we needed to get through three courses.  Gina and I started with sushi, good old fashioned salmon California rolls that hit the spot quite well. We were off to a good start.


Jack Salmon Sushi
Salmon California Rolls to get us started.

There was so much that we wanted to try that by the time we needed to place our orders for mains we were pretty much stumped, torn between a few offerings. It took the waft of prawn curry from the adjoining table to convince the missus which turned out to be a great call.

Jack Salmon
The prawn curry, definitely worth trying.
Jack Salmon
I went with the prawns and calamari combo. It was excellent

Now by the time it came around to dessert, we figured that we shouldn’t really but what the hell it was worth a bash which led me to trying the affogato, with a decadent twist. Now your typical affogato combines vanilla ice-cream with a shot of hot espresso. Jack Salmon’s version made provision for a shot of Amaretto as well which gave it a nice kick.

Jack Salmon
Simple, yet sinful. The affogatto had a kick to it.

By the time the bill came we were expecting it to be quite heavy but it was actually very reasonable, working out to about R350 per person. Not bad when you consider that included three courses and beverages. Will we be back?

Definitely, Jack Salmon is now on the list as a firm favourite whenever we make our way down to Durbs. Head to Shop 15, Glenore Centre, 1 Aubrey Drive, Glenashley to find them and they also have a spot at the Tiffany’s Centre, Salt Rock Rd, Salt Rock.

Have you visit Jack Salmon before? What was your experience like? Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page, follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Jack Salmon
Good food with great people makes life fun. Picture – Mae Heard

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