The Happy Hacker plays Steyn City

Regardless of what sort of shape your game is in, a round at Steyn City is about the experience.

You might have heard talk about the layout situated just past Fourways. If you’ve been put off by the green fees do yourself a favour and save up. It’s a thing of beauty.

The team at Steyn City makes a point of making you feel welcomed. From the moment you stop at the security checkpoint at the estate’s entrance right up to when you eventually settle the bill in the ‘clubhouse’.

I use the term clubhouse loosely because their post-round watering hole is a few levels up from the usual. So much so that staying for a post-round drink is mandatory. I say that because watching the sun set overlooking the 18th, watching the last few groupings try negotiate the water, is a must.

It’s also made better with something cold in hand.

Getting there is relatively simple. Negotiate the Fourways traffic and enter from either the Cedar Rd or William Nicol gates and make your way through the expansive estate to the course.

Warming Up. 

Once the formalities of confirming your arrival and payment, a round of golf here is pricey and you’re looking at about R1300 a pop with a cart, a quick trip into the changeroom to get ready is in order. While that happens, the Steyn City team is cleaning your clubs and preparing your cart for play.

A short drive gets you to the driving range and chipping facilities where you can loosen up while also starting to take in a couple of the views. The putting green is situated right next to the first tee and only a short drive from the 10th.

The driving range at Steyn City.

Oh, and halfway house orders are taken before your round begins. I did say that service is next level.

Teeing Off

If you’re off the first then the opening drive can be a bit intimidating for the high handicapper as you’ve got to bomb one over the Jukskei but that’s about as tricky as the hole gets unless you push it out to the right in which case you’ve made the second shot in a pretty long one to get to the green.

Steyn City
The view from the first tee at Steyn City.

Starting on the back nine, you’ve got a par five to get things going with the stream running down the entire left side, and bunkers taunting you on the right side as you’re ready to tee off. Aim for the middle bunker and away you go.

Favourite Holes

There are two that stand out for me on this track. The first, and favourite on the entire Steyn City course, is the short par four 11th. It’s a hole that requires a six iron and then a wedge in, my usual modus operandi, or for those who want to test their accuracy and take on the water then a drive down the right side will do.

Steyn City
The view from the tee box on 11.

The seventh, which is instantly recognisable when looking out over Steyn City thanks to a lone tree that stands watch over the fairway, is another worth a mention here. You’re playing downhill off the tee and I’ve seen guys reach it in one here.


Ok, so I’ve already touched on the fact that Steyn City has a great practice facility but if you’re one of those guys who usually heads to the car after a round and heads home, you’re going to want to change that here.

Pack a change of clothing and hit the showers before going to enjoy a drink. Marble from roof to ceiling and a shower cubicle that’s about the size of the entire bathroom in my house is what you’ll enjoy.

Touching on the halfway house, it’s located between the impressive Nineteen restaurant and the bar and lounge area. Waiting for you as you walk in is a cold towel and your food is already on the table. If you’re struggling after the first nine holes, lingering here for a bit longer does cross the mind. Oh, and the food is good.

Side note, try the biltong and cashews as a post-round snack. The nuts are given a quick fry before the biltong is chucked in and topped with chilli.

Will I Return?

As mentioned before, playing at Steyn City is a pricey exercise. I’ve played there on special occasions, like my best mate’s birthday, or if I’ve been invited, lucky me. Unless you’re a high-flying businessman or woman then a round here every weekend is probably out of the question.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. As I tell people who ask, it’s a course that must be experienced at least once.

Whether it’s to gaze at the impressive house – especially when the water is flowing from the turrets that surround it – occupied by insurance magnate Douw Steyn, or to tackle the challenge of a Jack Nicklaus layout.

Steyn City
The impressive abode of the man who put added his name to Steyn City.

You can find more about The Club at Steyn City by clicking here.

Have you played here before? What did you think of the place? Be sure to let me know in the comments or head to my Facebook Page and have your say. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram either.

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