Fire up the tastebuds at Wasabi

If you feel like a bit of a spoil, eager to impress a tinder date or are looking to earn some brownie points with the in-laws then Wasabi at Mall of Africa is the place to go.

Part of the new gargantuan shopping complex in Midrand, Wasabi got one of the nicer spots along the section of restaurants in the outside area given that it’s almost a bit secluded. But that hasn’t stopped it from being full on both times we’ve gone to eat there.

Wasabi. Mall of Africa

Their menu has all the regular trappings you’d expect at a fine establishment like this with the usual steaks and seafood offering but there’s an Asian twist on things with the sushi, dim-sum and their duck pancakes thrown into the equation. It’s for this reason they refer to themselves as a ‘fusion, oriental restaurant’.

And whoever decided to experiment with the springbok carpaccio is now officially one of my heroes. This has got to be one of the best dishes I’ve tried there. Wrapped around rice, the Springbok is topped with a sliver of brie and strawberry. It’s the business.

This sushi with a springbok carpaccio is a game changer.

Their other wonder is a plate of four salmon roses except that each is topped with mayonnaise, a cream cheese tempura ball and then drizzled in a strawberry syrup. Enough to make you reconsider the usual deal of shared plates with the significant other.

Tempura cream cheese makes this salmon rose seriously decadent.

The jury is still out on their dim-sum because on one occasion it was good and the next time it was dead average and pretty bland. Will have to make it best of three and have another bash next time.

We have to go back in any case because I’ve been threatening to try their duck pancakes. Whenever I’ve seen it come out of the kitchen it’s definitely piqued the curiosity as the tables next to us tucked in.

Desert wise there’s nothing much to report because I haven’t given any of their sweet offerings a bash. I did, however, sample from their selection of craft beers and the Skeleton Coast IPA is pretty good while they also do a number of delicious cocktails including a spectacular gin concoction, the name escapes me so ask about it if you’re ever there.

The Skeleton Coast IPA went down really well.

One thing they also get very right is that an accompanying wine is suggested next to every dish on the menu.

To get in touch with Wasabi at Mall of Africa give their Facebook page a like  here or call 011 517 2458.

Now for the big question, would I go back? A resounding yes.

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