Lil Dicky with a stroke of genius

If you’ve ever watched a rap video you’ll have noticed that the one thing they have in common is a lack of modesty when it comes to flashy cars, girls and locations. They always make it rain.

While this new offering from Lil Dicky has all of the usual offerings there is one major difference – the video for $ave Dat Money cost all of $350 to put together.

This is a bit of genius by Lil Dicky with the 27-year-old going the unusual route for the new track off his debut album “Professional Rapper.

The fact that it’s a catchy track means that it would have found its way into my iTunes eventually but once I saw the concept he’d come up with for the music video I had to purchase it immediately. Genius needs to be rewarded after all.

Be warned, the below video contains swearing but don’t let that stop you from adding to the almost seven million views it has amassed in a little over a week.

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