Live sport will always be King

South Africa is a sport-loving nation.

It stands to reason then that when there’s the option of watching live sport the answer is always yes.

If you look at the calendar these days there’s live sport just about every single day somewhere in South Africa.

Monday nights have been claimed by the various Varsity Sport competitions, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for the football fans, Thursdays are generally spent at home but by the time the weekend rolls around you’re spoilt for choice.

A particular favourite as a student was spending Friday nights at the Wanderers watching domestic cricket.

But if there’s anything that can kill that euphoric feeling that comes from watching your team win in the flesh it’s leaving the stadium to find that your car has been stolen.

That bit of pavement you mounted after being directed to to by an unofficial car guard is now empty. No note. A search further up the street just to confirm that this was, in fact, the place you left your car. Then you get that sinking feeling.

There are ways to avoid a scenario like this and a read through these tips from King Price may just help.

It could be made even worse if you don’t have insurance. If that sentence made you rethink your monthly priorities then it might be worth taking a look at King Price to see if they have an insurance option that fits your budget.

After all, you wouldn’t want something like a stolen car to kill your chances of ever wanting to go watch live sport in the future. Especially if your presence tends to act as a lucky charm for your team.

King Price

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