Smacked, Cobra King LTD

It was all very hush-hush. All the invite said was to be at Country Club Johannesburg by 9am on a Friday morning.

October 30 to be exact and the invite did make mention of the fact that the day’s activities would revolve around the Cobra King LTD.

Bundled into busses we headed out, still not entirely sure of our destination but ready to be wowed by Cobra’s latest offering.

Once we started hitting the Joburg CBD things got a little less clear. There’s nowhere to hit golf balls in town. Th nearest bit of open land I could think of was the driving range at Wits University. The place dedicated to helping golf scores fall.

But I was wrong, there is a place to smack a little white ball around with a fancy bit of technology. A golf centre set up with two simulators on the second floor of Corner House in Commissioner Street.

To be specific it was the 18th hole on the Old Course at St Andrews that provided the target. At least the hotel on the right of the fairway was a target for some.

After general manager Deon Bakkes spoke us through a presentation and explained the new technology and once Cobra’s marketing guru Nick Garner had offered us his insights it was time to test the product.

If you were familiar with the original King Cobra you’ll remember that Greg Norman was one of the leading players at the time to use the gear. The mantle has now been passed to Rickie Fowler.



It didn’t take long to realise that Cobra meant business with their new offering. Their zero-gravity technology – the product was tested in space and has NASA’s seal of approval – setting a new benchmark.

The new irons were also easy to hit even if they did seem a little intimidating when you addressed the ball. The simulator didn’t lie though.

Straight onto the Christmas wishlist

All in all it was a fun morning in a completely different environment. Almost to be expected from the guys at Cobra as they look for new ways to innovate.

For more information on the venue you can click on the link here to get an idea of what we faced. Very cool concept.