Making the most of 2019

New Year, new me right? I’m not big on resolutions but will be trying my best to stick to these goals and plans as my way of making the most of 2019.

Let’s not kid ourselves. Making any sort of New Years resolutions is tough. I gave up years ago. As much as we all try there are a lot of people out there who abandon their plans in the first few months of the new year. Those inspirational quotes and messages of inner reflection about the year passed and the one approaching seem like a great idea when posting. But there are too many people who kid themselves with all of that crap.

Instead of trying to stick to a rigid set of New Years Resolutions I’m going to try and pay attention to the following.

Look After Myself

Crash diets and January gym memberships never work. Instead I am just going to focus on being better at looking after myself. That includes trying to follow as healthy a diet as possible. Note How I said healthy and not strict. It’s not something I want to obsess over. Rather it’s going to be about moderation and making decisions. So it won’t only be about fish and vegetables or smoothies. If I want pizza I’ll have it but rather than eat the whole thing it will be about knowing when it’s enough.

Part of this also includes trying to be a bit more active. More dog walks (great for my step goal and clearing the mind), more runs, more gym workouts but it won’t be to an extent that I will feel guilty for missing a day or two of training. Oh, and I’ll definitely look to be playing more sport again. Village cricket in the summer and maybe hockey or tennis in winter.

Oh, and I should probably add something in here about drinking more water because I’m terrible at making sure that happens. Think I’ve covered it all now.

This isn’t about looking mean or lean. It’s about being more active. That’s it.

Money Matters

This is where being a grown-up is properly boring. But it’s important to keep on top of things. While my finances are not in any way a train-wreck, this year will be about paying more attention and trying to cut costs where possible.

I’ve already got a system in place for saving but for this year I’ll be looking at trying to find cheaper options where I can. Things like car insurance or changing to a vehicle with cheaper road tax. It’s more about reassessing where the cash goes and trying to put a bit more away without being too much of a tight-arse. One must still live and enjoy doing so.

Read More Books

This is something I try and do every year. I was better in 2018 but still not great. I mean I read plenty of articles and things on a given day but this refers more to sitting down with a book rather than turning on the TV or trying to get through a few pages before bed. At the moment I’ve got three books on the bedside table, one nearly completed, and I’m hoping this kickstarts a great habit. You can never read enough books.

Blog More

I write everyday. I write a lot. But this blog page lets me write about anything I want to so I should use the platform. I’ve had this blog going for ages and haven’t actually made the most of it. To be perfectly honest it started as a learning experience when I wanted to teach myself how to use WordPress but I need to be putting together more content. I also need to banish any fears about nobody reading it or judging what’s been written. Not sure why I have the nagging doubt because I know I can write and I know that people read, and critiqued, my work when I was a sports writer at a national daily newspaper.

It’s also a way to keep me creative which I like. There are loads of ideas and blog posts already written out in my head. It’s now just about making them come to life.

What notes have you made for yourself to be able to say that you made a good effort when it came to making the most of 2019? Let me know in the comments.

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